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The Rector welcomes the old Tenor back to Hacheston church on 16 November 1999


The old tenor at Soundweld in Cambridge prior to the 32" crack being repaired.


David Clough steadies one of the Darbie bells of 1683 as it begins to be hoisted up into the new steel frame on 7 March 2000


First Peal on the restored Hacheston bells

The restored bells were rung for the first time on Sunday, 12 March, 2000 at 9.00 am for the 9.30 am Communion Service.

The first Peal on restored bells was rung on Saturday 11 May 2002 by the local band.

The Peal consisted of 5040 changes of Doubles (4m: (1-7) Grandsire; (8-14) St. Simons Bob; (15-21) St. Martins Bob; (22-42) Plain Bob), conducted by
Jonathan J Stevens.

The ringers were:

1. Katrina L G Rogers

4. Glenys M Fear

2. Alan W Rogers

5. Jonathan J Stevens

3. Ray Lewis

6. David N Clough

The Peal is dedicated to the memory of Derek Johnson, bell-ringer and enthusiastic supporter of the restoration project, and Sir Colin Walker OBE,
President of Hacheston Bells 2000.

David Clough - Hacheston Tower Captain


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